RE:AND 藝術設計博覽會 協辦單位:「設計發浪 Designsurfing」

設計發浪Designsurfing為台灣首個設計自媒體,目前SNS總數有16萬追蹤者。以獨特評論觀點介紹台日設計、文化、藝術相關資訊。並以台日設計文化交流平台,連結台日品牌與市場,從企劃開始,連結兩地人脈、市場、甚至媒體等,以製作的觀點全 面提供顧問與橋接資源的服務。

Designsurfing is the first design self-media in Taiwan, and currently has 160,000 followers on SNS. Introduce Taiwan and Japan’s design, culture, and art-related information with unique commentary points of view. And use Taiwan and Japan to design a cultural exchange platform to connect Taiwan and Japan brands and markets. From the beginning of planning, connect the contacts, markets, and even media of the two places, and provide comprehensive consulting and bridging resource services from the perspective of production.